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We Are Inspired Learners

Where Your Child’s Learning Need Is Our Specialism

We Provide Targeted Support For Parents and Schools

We deliver specialist learning support, consultation and tuition for pupils with additional learning needs. We support pupils, parents and schools to find the right solutions for them and improve learning outcomes.

Worry, fear and confusion are really common feelings experienced by parents whose children are struggling at school.

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Support and advice for parents

Children who are struggling at school may also struggle at home. They are frustrated, upset and confused. Whether you are looking for answers or support you’ve come to the right place

Parents of children with diagnosed or undiagnosed learning difficulties can feel isolated and lonely. Very often they feel their parenting skills are being tested.

Help Them Keep Up

Are you afraid that your child is being left behind by their peers?

Overcome Your Anxiety

Are you worried that you don’t understand what your child needs and this is causing anxiety for you?

Get Clarity

Are you confused about what help and support is available to you, especially if you have struggled to get a diagnosis or access support elsewhere?

We understand, advise and engage

We offer practical advice and support for parents looking to support their children with learning difficulties in an educational environment. Your child may have received a diagnosis or you might have been told that your child does not qualify for support. We understand the difficulties that parents face and never underestimate the journey they are on.

Captured in a metropolitan Atlanta, Georgia primary school, seated amongst his classmates, this photograph depicts a young African-American schoolboy who was in the process of drawing with a pencil on a piece of white paper. Note that the student was focused on a drawing book that referenced fantasy flying planes, while intent on creating his artwork, seemingly oblivious to all the classroom goings-on that surrounded him. It is important to know that objects, including pencils, crayons, paper, etc., are known as fomites, and can act as transmitters of illnesses.

What you get from us

We work with parents and schools to improve the educational experience and attainment for children who are struggling. Our experts work closely and sensitively with you and your child, to help you in a way that suits your families individual needs.

  • Practical Support
  • Guided action with achievable targets
  • Understanding, improved confidence and aftercare support

We are more than an education provider

But don’t take our word for it, hear from our superheroes

“After coming to Inspired Learners, our son has gained confidence in his speech and language skills and has been able to use building blocks to improve his processing skills and speed. The supportive way in which the teaching is delivered allows our son to develop at his own pace. We thank Inspired Learners for their continued and valued support for our son.”

Thank you for allowing our son to develop at his own pace.

“I think Hayley is the best tutor ever. She is kind, helpful and funny. She teaches me everything – well everything I didn’t know before! For example: She taught me what prepositions are and what pronouns are, and she taught me many more! We do my homework together, we read together and what’s best of all we play games together. Hayley has really helped me to catch up in school because I know everything! Like I said, Hayley is the BEST! I really want Hayley to be my tutor forever and ever, no matter what. I think you will say the same thing too!”

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Virtual Clinic

Has your child had some developmental intervention or an assessment? Are they receiving ongoing or infrequent support? Our Virtual Clinic gives parents an opportunity to speak to an expert about any ongoing worries or concerns you may have and the chance to speak to other parents.

What you get in the Virtual Clinic:

  • Peer to peer support
  • A community of parents 
  • Your questions answered by experts

Interested in finding out more? Contact us.

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Inspired Tots


We are pleased to introduce our newest programme, Inspired Tots! Inspired Tots is a parent and toddler group offering access to specialist speech and language support alongside developing a network of likeminded parents/carers in a secure, Covid safe environment.

Support and Training for Schools

Overcome pressures and achieve more

Schools are facing ever increasing pressures on their budgets, attainment records and attendances. Finding innovative ways to increase performance whilst managing decreasing resources is often challenging.

“This has given me confidence that I was on the right track and a great reminder that I’m only human!”

Classroom Superhero

“I am more confident now and more wise. I should have completed this course early in my training.”

Classroom Superhero

Education Provision

We work with schools to provide tailor-made solutions that take the pressure off staff and school budgets without compromising on excellence.  We offer practical support programmes tailored around high tariff pupils.

If you are a school and you’d like to talk to us about educational provision, contact us today.

School Improvement Plans

We can help support your school improvement plan by delivering targeted support to meet SIP requirements.  We help you identify areas of good practice and areas for improvement.

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We also deliver training for staff in all areas of ALN giving you the opportunity to build capacity within your teaching and learning support teams. We provide a holistic service that maximises engagement and attendance levels but also offers support to parents, pupils and teaching staff. 

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