We can now support you Virtually with our online services!

We’ve been working on a project to develop virtual services to support parents and children when that support is needed the most. As Coronavirus takes a hold on the country, we’ve decided to pull our schedule forward and get our virtual offering out there even sooner! In the near future we’ll even be offering an online portal for you to get support from us and parents just like you.

Virtual Assessments

There are levels of assessment which we can carry out by having an engaging conversation using our easy-to-use video meeting software. We’ve made it as simple as possible for you to access our support whilst focusing on our personalised and personal approach. Reach out to us to talk about booking your online session today!

Virtual Consultations

If you’d like to speak to us about how we could support you as a parent, our easy-to-use video meeting software is ideal for us to support you, making it as simple as possible for you to access our support whilst focusing on our personalised and personal approach. Reach out to us to talk about booking your online session today!

Virtual Tutoring Sessions

Video chats are absolutely great ways of tutoring and engaging children in the learning environment, second only to in person tutoring at our specialised tutoring centre. With fantastic flexibility, we’re able to take bookings for virtual tutoring sessions keeping your child moving forward with their education whilst at home. Contact us today!

How We Can Help You And Your Child

Social Skills Assessments

Social Skills Assessments that provide you with reassurance and peace of mind

Speech & Language Assessments

Specialist Speech & Language Assessments that are tailored to your child’s needs […]

Numeracy Assessments

Your Child’s Numeracy Assessment is the beginning of a journey to achieving […]

Specialist Literacy Assessments

Specialist Literacy Assessments That Result In An Actionable Plan

Literacy & Numeracy Assessments

Literacy & Numeracy Assessments That Provide You With Clear & Actionable Advice

Dyslexia Solutions & Diagnostic Assessments

Full Dyslexia Diagnostic Assessments that get you answers & actionable advice

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Testimonials from our Awesome Inspired Learners!

I only began my role as an LSA in FE in September 2015 and it has been a sharp learning curve for me – mostly working on the job using my wits and improvising throughout the day. This has given me confidence that I was on the right track and a great reminder that I’m only human! Planning the language I use has greatly improved my days and it has given me great deal of calm amongst the chaos that can ensue – I know that I have a job to do that is to be a positive calm and consistent role model for all

This has given me confidence… Classroom Superhero

I felt that the course provided excellent support to me in the classroom with trying new strategies and dealing with behaviour issues. I feel able to evaluate my behaviour management skills at the end of my lessons and know where I have gone wrong on occasions. I am more confident now and more wise. I should have completed this course early in my training.

I am more confident now and more wise Classroom Superhero

We have been working with Inspired Learners at Pentrebane Primary School for the last two years and in that time we have received an exemplary service from Hayley Rees and her team. We are currently in discussion with Hayley about working with them again next year. We took a risk opting out of Local Authority Additional Learning Needs Provision but it has been the best decision we have made.

At the start of our working partnership, Hayley worked with us to audit our needs and, based on the findings, she devised a bespoke package to support those needs. In the two years since, Hayley and her team have provided expert support for our learners who have made excellent progress. Inspired Learners provide an impact report at the end of each year enabling us to track value for money.

The team has also provided high quality training for all of our staff in areas that were identified as in need of development. This has enabled us to build capacity and sustain the provision started by Hayley and her team whilst allowing us to move on to newly identified areas where they guide and support us in a highly professional way. The team has provided excellent support for our ALNCO and work very well with her.

The provision is highly responsive, when we need something, Hayley and her team provide it or if they do not have people they source them. The professionals within her team provide an excellent service that we look forward to continuing in the future.

We have been very satisfied with our partnership with Inspired Learners and look forward to continuing into the future.

….it has been the best decision we have made! Mrs. S. Duggan - Headteacher Pentrebane

Our son (4 years) and daughter (10 years) have been attending Inspired Learners and have been really enjoying it!

They have both suffered anxiety as a result of their additional needs not being supported in school. Mrs Rees has been wonderful. She got to know the children and understands their difficulties. She’d helped to build their confidence back up.

The activities she does with them are fun and, as a result, the children not only enjoy the work she does with them but they look forward to going to Inspired Learners. I have also been given advice and support with regards to other things we can do at home to further enhance the children’s learning. We really can’t thank Mrs Rees enough and have no hesitation in recommending Inspired Learners to others!

no hesitation in recommending Inspired Learners to others! Diane - Superhero Parent!

After coming to Inspired Learners, our son has gained confidence in his speech and language skills and has been able to use building blocks to improve his processing skills and speed. The supportive way in which the teaching is delivered allows our son to develop at his own pace. We thank Inspired Learners for their continued and valued support for our son.

Thank you for allowing our son to develop at his own pace Grant - Superhero Parent!

I think Hayley is the best tutor ever. She is kind, helpful and funny. She teaches me everything – well everything I didn’t know before! For example: She taught me what prepositions are and what pronouns are, and she taught me many more!

We do my homework together, we read together and what’s best of all we play games together. I’ve learnt loads of different games like; word jumble, boy girl and loads more.

Hayley has really helped me to catch up in school because I know everything! Because Hayley taught me all of it! Like I said, Hayley is the BEST!

I really want Hayley to be my tutor forever and ever, no matter what. I think you will say the same thing too!

I think Hayley is the BEST! Zoe, Aged 9 and 3/4

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