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Social Skills Assessments

Social Skills Assessments that provide you with reassurance and peace of mind

Speech & Language Assessments

Specialist Speech & Language Assessments that are tailored to your child’s needs every step of the way

Numeracy Assessments

Your Child’s Numeracy Assessment is the beginning of a journey to achieving their potential

Specialist Literacy Assessments

Specialist Literacy Assessments That Result In An Actionable Plan

Literacy & Numeracy Assessments

Literacy & Numeracy Assessments That Provide You With Clear & Actionable Advice

Full Dyslexia Diagnostic Assessments

Full Dyslexia Diagnostic Assessments that get you answers & actionable advice

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Testimonials from our Awesome Inspired Learners!

I think Hayley is the best tutor ever. She is kind, helpful and funny. She teaches me everything – well everything I didn’t know before! For example: She taught me what prepositions are and what pronouns are, and she taught me many more!

We do my homework together, we read together and what’s best of all we play games together. I’ve learnt loads of different games like; word jumble, boy girl and loads more.

Hayley has really helped me to catch up in school because I know everything! Because Hayley taught me all of it! Like I said, Hayley is the BEST!

I really want Hayley to be my tutor forever and ever, no matter what. I think you will say the same thing too!

I think Hayley is the BEST! Zoe, Aged 9 and 3/4

Dyslexia has affected me in a huge way. It really made me question if I was ever going to be as successful as others. Mrs Robinson always believed in me and gave me the boost I needed to become who I am today. She was the only teacher who understood me and actually took time in teaching me how to deal with my dyslexia. Mrs Robinson’s lessons helped me and others so much that we were able to take part more in other lessons.

Mrs Robinson always believed in me… Lewis, Past Pupil

Lorraine has helped me by firstly understanding where I needed help and then showing me how things could be broken down in ways I could understand. I still use these methods to this day by splitting words up to help me with my reading and spelling. Lorraine helped me not just with my skills but by helping me to understand that everyone learns differently and that it’s not the speed you do it at but that you get there in the end that’s important!

Thank you Lorraine.

I still use these methods to this day Megan, Past Pupil

Lorraine is passionate and sincere in her work as a teacher and trainer of SpLD. She is a true professional, always willing to go that extra mile to help others make progress.

Always willing to go that extra mile… Fran, High School SENCo

Lorraine is extremely knowledgeable in her field and is able to inspire the most reluctant of learners….both adults and children! I recommend her without hesitation

…able to inspire the most reluctant of learners Primary School SENCo

Lorraine was such a big help to me going through my school years, in not just my work but with my confidence as well. Lorraine would do group exercises and one to one work to help improve our work.

I had teachers helping me in similar ways before but not many seemed to understand my dyslexia like Lorraine did. I had problems spelling and reading but both improved massively after having lessons with Lorraine, her unique ways of teaching kept me concentrating and enjoying the lessons.

Lorraine would put the time into me and my work when other teachers wouldn’t. She was a great judge of knowing what we each needed to improve on individual, so no lesson was the same. She knew our strong point and our weak points.

Myself and a few people who was in the same group with Lorraine still speak about how much she helped us and how well we all got on. I wasn’t confident in lessons before and I was quiet and shy and didn’t like work. By the end of working with Lorraine I felt like a completely different person in many different factors, not just my work!

So a big thank you to Lorraine for everything you’ve done for me!

Lorraine would put the time into me and my work when other teachers wouldn’t Liam, Past pupil

How we can support your school

Tailored Interventions For Schools

Early identification and intervention is critical when it comes to a child’s development. Inspired Learners can help your school move at pace, providing all aspects of support exactly when they’re needed. With award winning teachers, a passion for helping children excel and become the best version of themselves Inspired Learners can help your school achieve […]

Training For Schools

Inspired Learners will deliver exceptional training, turning your teachers into classroom superheroes. You can choose from a range of courses including ELKLAN, General Communication Skills, Supporting Literacy and Numeracy and Talking Partners. This training will arm your awesome team of superheroes with everything they need to deliver the right support at the right time. Exceptional […]

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