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Creative Therapies

Therapeutic Art and Lego Therapy aim to help children and young people gain a better self-image, improve social skills and much more!

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Therapeutic Art

Therapeutic Art aims to help children and young people gain a better self-image, improve relationships with their family/friends and have better resilience.

Children and young people often find it hard to put their painful memories and difficult feelings into words. As a result, they may become withdrawn or have sudden angry outbursts. Therapeutic Art is a gentle way of exploring one’s feelings: young people can offload their overwhelming feelings yet they do not have to talk about them.

Therapeutic Art does not require any particular art skills. The Art Therapist will help the young person to relax and to be themselves, and guide them to find their own way of working with art materials. They will not be judged from what they have created, and their privacy will be respected.

Towards the end of the therapy, the young person may be able to learn more about themselves, feel comfortable being themselves, and what they have been through. They may have a more positive outlook for their future.

Lego Therapy

Lego therapy is an increasingly popular social skills programme for children and young people with social communication problems.

Lego therapy is now a common form of play therapy. Lego therapists believe it helps develop and reinforce play skills and social skills such as verbal and non-verbal communication, joint attention, task focus, sharing and turn-taking and collaborative problem-solving. Through Lego therapy, children learn to communicate with others, express feelings, modify behaviour, develop problem-solving skills, and learn a variety of ways of relating to others.

Working Together

During this session, the children had a lot of fun building a model. We had a ‘finder’, an ‘architect’ and a ‘builder’.

What Parents Have To Say…

Our son (4 years) and daughter (10 years) have been attending Inspired Learners and have been really enjoying it!

The activities Mrs Rees does with them are fun and, as a result, the children not only enjoy the work she does with them but they look forward to going to Inspired Learners. I have also been given advice and support with regards to other things we can do at home to further enhance the children’s learning. We really can’t thank Mrs Rees enough and have no hesitation in recommending Inspired Learners to others!

The supportive way in which the teaching is delivered allows our son to develop at his own pace. We thank Inspired Learners for their continued and valued support for our son.

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