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New: Inspired Tots

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Inspired Tots

We are pleased to introduce our newest programme, Inspired Tots! Inspired Tots is a parent and toddler group offering access to specialist speech and language support alongside developing a network of likeminded parents/carers in a secure, Covid safe environment. It is based on a six week programme, with 1 hour sessions per week that take place at the Inspired Learners Centre. Each session can accommodate at least 5 tots.

Our Inspired Tots course:

  • Provides expert modelling/demonstration of speech language skills in a nurturing environment
  • Play based development to promote communication
  • Opportunities to develop parents understanding of speech and language development
  • Enable toddlers to develop social communication skills in a structured and effective way
  • Rapid and early access to speech and language support to reduce referrals to Speech and Language Therapy Services
  • Support wellbeing of child and parent/carer

Equip parents with Skills & Confidence 

Parents, carers, and foster carers with toddlers aged 18months – 4 years, can assess this support.

Inspired Tots Outcomes:

  • Pre and post confidence and impact questionnaire’s
  • Improved understanding of the foundation skills in speech and language development
  • Improved speech and language skills for Tots
  • Build capacity and confidence amongst parents and carers
  • Improved well-being for all
  • Consistent and tailored support from a friendly service


  • Provided by one qualified SLCD Specialist Teacher initially with the view that there will be one additional TA in a supporting role

Sessions are lively, practical & fun

Inspired Tots had a great first and second session! Our second session was about adult and child interaction. We had a great time evaluating and discussing ways to engage with our children and promote social skills.

Inspired Tots

Are you interested in learning more about the programme? Contact us today via email