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Literacy & Numeracy Assessments

Inspired Learners are experts at providing clear and insightful diagnostic assessments of your child’s literacy and numeracy capabilities. Assessments are the first step to discovering your child’s unique development needs, and helping them achieve their full potential.

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What you & your child should expect

A short diagnostic assessment that will take 2 ½ – 3 hours and will include short movement and a snack break. It will usually be completed in one session. For learners who are unable to maintain focus despite breaks, assessment may be split over 2 sessions. The session(s) will consist of the following assessments   and other possible supplementary items depending on the assessor’s findings and time constraints.

The session will consist of the following assessments:

  • Diagnostic Numeracy Assessment
  • Wide Range Achievement Test (WRAT 4 Numeracy)
  • Diagnostic Literacy Assessment (DīLA)
  • Wide Range Achievement Test (WRAT 4 reading word and spelling)
  • York Assessment of Reading Comprehension (YARC)
  • Independent writing analysis (10 minutes)
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Your input is essential

The assessments will be carried out following the completion of a Literacy/Numeracy difficulties background questionnaire.

This will require you to be as honest as you can, all information will be treated as private and confidential. If you are unable to compete the form alone the information can be provided via a telephone conversation.

After all assessments and questionnaire findings have been collated and interpreted a brief report will be completed within 14 working days.

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Your personalised diagnostic report

The Full Diagnostic report will include;

  • Summary of background information
  • Brief explanation of tests used
  • Learners test scores and brief explanation of the implications for progress in relationships/learning
  • Suggested targets and support strategies for improvement

The report will be explained and discussed during a further meeting that will take approximately 1 hour.

A Literacy and Numeracy Assessment costs £275.00. Session fees are paid following the completion of the questionnaire and before assessment session takes place.

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