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Support and Advice For Parents

Children who are struggling at school may also struggle at home. They are frustrated, upset and confused. Whether you are looking for answers or support you’ve come to the right place.

Is your child awaiting an assessment?

If your child has not yet received an assessment click below to find out more about how we can assess and support.

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Has your child recently had an assessment?

If your child has already received an assessment of their needs click below to read more about our support solutions.

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Awaiting an Assessment?

A diagnosis is the first step in the right direction

If you’ve struggled to get a diagnosis for your child you may be confused, upset and frustrated. Maybe you’ve been experiencing challenging behaviour or just don’t know where to turn. We are here to help you.

Children who have undiagnosed difficulties with their learning or behaviour can struggle in a wide variety of ways and this often has a devastating impact for the whole family.

  • Is your child experiencing difficulties in school?
  • Are you getting poor feedback at parents evenings about your child’s behaviour or progress? 
  • Is the school struggling to meet your child’s needs?
  • Has your request for a referral been passed back to the school leaving you where you first started?
Kindergarten boy looking at laptop computer during first day of virtual learning online school.

By the time parents get to us they are often frustrated, upset and losing hope. At Inspired Learners we provide clear and straightforward diagnostic assessments of your child’s numeracy, literacy and learning capabilities. Working alongside your family we carry out an investigation of learning ability.

Understanding your child’s unique development needs are the first steps towards helping them achieve their full potential and we are here to help.

We want to help families improve their wellbeing and mental health by providing advice and support strategies at home to help them. We understand that having answers about exactly what your child is struggling with is the first step to peace of mind.

The Assessment

Mother reading to her son as he listens intently. Books in the background are slightly blurred creating the perfect atmosphere to instill a lifelong love of reading. The 3 - 6 year old boy is engaged, happy, the moment is captured in this photo creating a lifelong memory. https://www.awcreativeut.com #awcreative #AdamWinger

We offer a full range of short diagnostic assessments which last between 1½ – 2 hours and will include short movement and snack breaks. Most assessments can usually be completed in one session. This will depend on how your child is feeling on the day. We are well used to dealing with the most reluctant pupils so that’s not something you need to worry about.

The session will consist of the assessments and other possible supplementary items depending on the assessor’s findings and time constraints. All assessments come with follow up guidance with clear and actionable advice.

We provide thorough diagnostic assessments in:

→ Literacy & Numeracy

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→ Specialist Literacy

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→ Full Dyslexia Diagnostics

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→ Speech & Language

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→ Social Skills

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→ General Well-Being

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Are you ready to book an assessment?

Already Had An Assessment?

Identifying your child’s particular learning or behavioural challenges are the first step towards better educational achievement.

At Inspired Learners we are here to support both the child and their family progress after diagnosis. 

Many parents receive a diagnosis and are unsure about how to move forward. What do they do next? They know there is a problem but they haven’t been offered any solutions. They often don’t know how to support their child. They also may not fully understand their child’s needs. 

Parents often face many complex and challenging situations as a result of assessment. 

  • If your child is anxious, has low resilience and is unhappy at home this can have a ripple effect on the rest of the family.  
  • If your child is not independent, many parents often feel guilty and inadequate.  
  • Maybe your child has already had an assessment but doesn’t meet the criteria for support? If the school is unable to provide the support required your child may fall through the gap.
Parents teaching their child during distance learning.

You are not alone

We work with you to support both your child and your family.  There is no judgement or criticism, just empathy, friendly support and practical advice. We offer a tailored assessment and consultation that provides support around the child. 

Our Support Solutions

Our Services Include:

  • Action planning – providing you with a clear set of next steps, reassurance and practical steps
  • Tuition – bespoke support tailored to your child’s individual needs 
  • Individual Education Plans – setting clear educational targets and supported learning 
  • Smart targets – making sure the targets we set are achievable and realistic  
  • Aftercare support for the parent – ensuring you have support every step of the way

Outcomes for our learners:

  • Improved self esteem and confidence 
  • A better understanding of their own needs 
  • Improved attainment 
  • Improved wellbeing 
  • Building resilience 
  • Developing better social skills 
  • Increased independence 

Outcomes for our parents:

  • Improved confidence around their parenting and ability to support their child 
  • Better understanding of their child’s needs 
  • Practical strategies to help their child
  • Improved whole family wellbeing
  • Regular updates on their child’s progress

Creative Therapies

We also offer a range of creative therapy solutions once identified by one of our assessments. Art and Lego Therapies aim to help children and young people gain a better self-image, improve social skills and much more. → Click here to find out more.

Young teen doing schoolwork at home after UK schools close due to the Coronavirus.

At Inspired Learners we offer acceptance and support. We want to accelerate your child’s learning and help reduce the gap between them and their peers. We believe that parents who feel empowered and in control can help create a better quality of life for the whole family. 

What Our Learners & Parents Are Saying

After coming to Inspired Learners, our son has gained confidence in his speech and language skills and has been able to use building blocks to improve his processing skills and speed.

The supportive way in which the teaching is delivered allows our son to develop at his own pace. We thank Inspired Learners for their continued and valued support for our son.

Aimee makes the work fun and engaging by playing games and finding out my son’s interests. This makes work enjoyable and improves his self confidence.

I think Hayley is the best tutor ever. She is kind, helpful and funny. She teaches me everything – well everything I didn’t know before! For example: She taught me what prepositions are and what pronouns are, and she taught me many more!

We do my homework together, we read together and what’s best of all we play games together. I really want Hayley to be my tutor forever and ever, no matter what.

Aimee has been tutoring our children for two years. Our children look forward to their sessions with Aimee where they can express their creativity and experience the fun in learning.

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Virtual Clinic

Has your child had some developmental intervention or an assessment? Are they receiving ongoing or infrequent support? Our Virtual Clinic gives parents an opportunity to speak to an expert about any ongoing worries or concerns you may have and the chance to speak to other parents.

What you get in the Virtual Clinic:

  • Peer to peer support
  • A community of parents 
  • Your questions answered by experts
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We are pleased to introduce our newest programme, Inspired Tots! Inspired Tots is a parent and toddler group offering access to specialist speech and language support alongside developing a network of likeminded parents/carers in a secure, Covid safe environment.