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Captured in a metropolitan Atlanta, Georgia primary school, was this grouping of four schoolboys, who were gathered at a brown paper-covered table, studying a stylized cartoon book to be used as reference material, for a drawing they were asked to create in the classroom. Each student was supplied with a piece of white drawing paper, a pencil, and a white tray of crayons, which was set atop the table on the left. It is important to know that these objects are known as fomites, and can act as transmitters of illnesses.

Simple & Effective Learning Needs Support For Schools

Empower your teaching staff and give them the skills and the confidence they need to provide your children with the support they deserve.

Inspired Learners supports schools by providing specialist learning support and training

We will deliver exceptional training, turning your teachers into classroom superheroes. You can choose from a range of courses including ELKLAN, General Communication Skills, Supporting Literacy and Numeracy and Talking Partners.

What We Do For Schools

  • Robust referral process which includes the school’s and the child’s input
  • Assessment of needs to include cognitive and emotional well-being assessments- HAST-2, RAPT, Dyscalculia, RAVENS, Motional Well-Being Tool and Talkabout
  • Brief report detailing findings and strategies
  • Staff training and coaching
  • Attendance and input at meetings
  • Weekly notes following sessions
  • Report at the end of an intervention detailing what worked for the child, what didn’t and recommendations
  • Input in IDP’s

What We Provide in Schools Currently

  • Emotional well-being support or small groups, delivering Motional activities, Talkabout sessions and Lego Therapy sessions
  • Numeracy and Literacy intervention
  • Training
  • Assessments and IEP’s
  • Speech and Language support

Our Staff Qualifications

  • Trauma Informed Schools
  • Mental Health First Aid
  • Safeguarding Level 2
  • Therapeutic Art
  • Lego Therapy
  • Dyscalculia
  • Makaton, levels 1 and 2
  • Speech and Language and Communication
  • SPLD
  • Nurture Practitioner
  • Team Teach
  • BA(Hons) Teaching Degrees with ALN specialities
  • Sensory Processing disorder awareness Diploma
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What you’ll love about us

  • Our responsive service – we provide fast and effective training for your staff 
  • We are award winning ALN professionals – we know the pressure you are under and the challenges your staff face on a daily basis.  We understand the complex needs of your pupils and provide effective training that your staff can put into immediate practice 
  • We cover all areas of ALN reducing your reliance on external support who may have long waiting lists 
  • Opportunity to build capacity 
  • Value for money – everyone’s budgets are under pressure, we work with your school to make sure your staff are getting the right training at the right time 
  • Registered with the Education Workforce Council 
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What does having confident, skilled and empowered teaching staff mean to your school?

  • Reduction in numbers of exclusions 
  • Increase in attendance and engagement 
  • Staff demonstrating good practice

What teachers are saying…

This has given me confidence that I was on the right track and a great reminder that I’m only human!

Classroom Superhero

I am more confident now and more wise. I should have completed this course early in my training.

Classroom Superhero

I felt that the course provided excellent support to me in the classroom with trying new strategies and dealing with behaviour issues. I feel able to evaluate my behaviour management skills at the end of my lessons and know where I have gone wrong on occasions.

Classroom Superhero

Overcome Pressures and Achieve More

At Inspired learners we understand that teachers need to be supported too.  We offer professional and effective training with a regular review process.